10 Ways to Love Better


Readers of Modern Love may want a good story, but they’re also hungry for advice that can help them navigate the baffling world of relationships. Every year, our most popular essays offer lessons on how to find love or keep it — tips, rules and surprising strategies.

This year’s most-read columns delivered wisdom about living with a slob, exposing your vulnerabilities, finding the silver lining in breakups and more. Here’s a sampling of what they seem to suggest, whether subtly or directly, humorously or tragically. May you be a better partner, spouse, parent or friend in 2018.

1. Be willing to market your spouse, if necessary.
How would you advertise your husband or wife on a dating app? Sounds like a raunchy parlor game with friends, but this question became all too real for Amy Krouse Rosenthal, who, at 51, was dying of cancer and worried about her husband finding love again after she was gone. In writing about him, she both captured his appeal and showed her love. You don’t have to be in Amy’s position to write one for your spouse and do the same. To read more form Daniel Jones, click here.