Divorce Coaching – What Is It, And How Can It Help?

Going through a divorce is an emotional rollercoaster, to say the least. Most people think getting married in the first place is a long and stressful process, but a divorce can top that stress level tenfold. Because of the strenuous journey that divorce can prove to be for many couples, divorce coaching has become a popular option to accept, and work through a divorce in the most civil and ‘painless’ way possible. Raw, strong emotions will always be involved when it comes to divorce, but by utilizing a divorce coach, the entire process from beginning to end can be less stressful, and certainly feel less overwhelming.

So, how can a divorce coach help?

Use Divorce Coaching Before Lawyers

An experienced divorce coach can often give you ‘pre-legal’ advice. Many divorce coaches actually work with lawyers as a sort of ‘alternative.’ While lawyers have specific regulations to follow, divorce coaches can also be viewed as a type of therapist, where you can be more open to vent your emotions, your frustrations, etc. While even the most prominent divorce coaches cannot give you actual legal advice, they certainly have the wherewithal to provide you with expert opinions, and different options you may be able to take on your journey through a tougher time.

Divorce Coaching Can Be A Support System

When you’re going through a divorce, family and friends will likely be there to offer their support. Unfortunately, sometimes that support comes with strong opinions. When you’re already dealing with your own opinions, feelings, and emotions, hearing negativity from someone close to you may not be the best thing for your emotional health.

A divorce coach can essentially ‘hold your hand’ through the entire process, and offer a neutral state of mind. When they offer their suggestions and opinions, you know they aren’t biased toward you, or your spouse, and they may be able to help you take a step back, breathe, and see things a bit differently than close family members or friends who knew both you and your spouse, and have likely formed opinions over the years that are now being released.

More Organization, Less Overwhelming

As stated above, a divorce can be a long, drawn out, and overwhelming process. While you’re on that rollercoaster of emotions, the last thing you want to have to worry about is all the paperwork, legal jargon, and organization that goes along with it. Your divorce coach can help you take care of prioritizing and organizing everything surrounding your life, to make the technicalities of the divorce itself seem less intimidating. The less stressed you are by the divorce process, the more clear-headed you’ll be able to be as you continue to make decisions.

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